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Hi! My name is Tatum, and I am a Licensed Registered Nurse and Esthetician. I specialize in Medical Aesthetics with a holistic + scientific approach. I value treating the skin + educating you on how to properly care for it. I use technology and ingredients backed by science that have been proven to improve the skin. I specialize in micro-needling, acne, acne scarring, hyperpigmentation, botox, PRF/PRP therapies and HA fillers! I understand that skin health is more than the products we use. Internal health, hormones and diet all play a major role in skin health. My background as both an esthetician and nurse have helped me to understand skin conditions at a much deeper level. My goal as an aesthetician is to educate and motivate you to never give up on your skin goals! 


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I got microneedling with Tatum and it was amazing! It's been about two months, and my pores have shrunk in size. As well, my old acne pitted scars have flattened! I can't thank Tatum enough for her work. She was also very kind and made sure I was comfortable throughout the process. Thank you Tatum!

I love coming here to get my facials.  Tatum always does my micro and hydrafacials.  She is the best and very informative. 
I always feel very safe and secure and everything seems so clean and sanitized. You get your temperature checked and hand sanitizer before you enter.

What a fabulous experience!  Two weeks ago I had micro needling by TATUM and it was the best job I had ever had!  (I previously had been to 3 different places over the years...). Tatum was incredibly professional but also so very knowledgeable for somebody who looks quite young!  (Great skin and positive energy). 

This was my first visit and I'll be back again. Tatum provided the most relaxing, comprehensive and refreshing custom facial. She explained all the steps so I knew what to expect and felt comfortable with the entire treatment. This was the best and most effective facial I've ever had. I highly recommend Tatum and everyone here is very nice which shows in their professional atmosphere!!!

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